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Olha Balandiukh is a Ukrainian singer, violinist, model, and artist. She participated in many All-Ukrainian and international art projects as an artist and photographer and had several personal art exhibitions.
She was a participant in «The Voice of Ukraine»; the opera-myth «Ukraine – Terra Incognita»; the International Jazz Festival «Jazz Bez XX»; the concert of Ukrainian music «Kovcheh. Ukraine»; the Ukrainian-Canadian music project «Ukrainian Artists United», which highlights the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Olha has a musical project «The Voice of Ukrainian Nature». She also released her mini-album «The Garden of Cosmic Songs».
Olha’s vocal type is contralto and her vocal range covers about three octaves, from A2 (throat singing) – C3 to C#6. She can sing different techniques such as throat singing, folk, jazz, opera, overtones, undertones.
In 2023 she published a fantasy book «The Twentieth Planet from the Sun» (a novel), in Ukrainian (printed) and in English (digital).

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