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Oleksandr Frazé-Frazénko is your favorite rapper, filmmaker, and writer!

his oeuvre includes several hundred films, music videos, and advertising. he authored a dozen books of poetry; in Ukrainian they are collected in a volume “Decadence” (2017), in English – in “Happy Lovers” (2021). he is the first to have translated Jim Morrison’s poetry into Ukrainian and published it in 2013. he has also translated English poetry of the Restoration Period, including the works of John Rochester. his music discography consists of more than 50 albums. had a few personal photo exhibitions (Ukraine, Georgia). his paintings, drawings, and sculptures are in personal collections (Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Canada, USA). during the war, he stays in Ukraine, got involved in a volunteer movement, and works with foreign journalists to spread the truth about the situation, the context, and the historical background.

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