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Disappeared Completely is an indie-pop trio from Kyiv, established by a few university friends in 2017. The band had their big release ‘Sea of Fallen Nests’ LP in 2017, which was highly praised by music critics and fans, and got Disappeared Completely features in several major publications. In the creative work of artists: the album “Sea of Fallen Nests” (2017), EP “Dissolved” (2019) and EP ”Contradictions” (2020). Tracks from these records were on the top charts of Ukraine, France, Germany, the UK and Hungary and others. Track “It’s in your eyes” went viral globally in the world charts and included Disappeared Completely in a number of prestigious European projects.

At the moment, Disappeared Completely are starting to change their sound, mixing rock and roll, blues and electronics. Experimenting with drive and detachment from reality. The band’s second album will be released in the fall of 2023.

Artists constantly work for the Western market and have concerts in Europe.

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