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Hello dear friend, my name is Alina Berestenko and I am a Ukrainian painter, based in Prague.
I create abstract paintings for your interior in the techniques: Abstract Art, Fluid Art, Mixed media.

My path as an artist began in my childhood. I went to all creative circles.

I started doing abstract art in 2018. My first works were in the style of Fluid Art, I teach others this technique in master classes and online lessons.
Then I took up interior painting. I began to decorate apartments and offices creatively.

In my website, you can find all available works and also make an order for custom pieces.
Always open for orders and offers.

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More information about me you can find:
Personal Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alina_berestenko/
Berestenko Art https://www.instagram.com/berestenko.art/
SHOP https://alinaberestenkoart.com/shop

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