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Winner of the Yuna “The Best Male Artist” & “Hit of the Year” awards and a favorite of all generations! An artist whose songs instantly become hits and occupy the first lines of the charts!

Artem Pivovarov is a progressive contemporary artist, sound producer, musician with a non-standard and modern point of view on the music industry in Ukraine and the CIS countries. If we talk about musical trends, Artem Pivovarov is undoubtedly ones of their legislators. Admirers of his work have long discovered a formula for their uniqueness, calling him “spontaneous”. Definitely, music is his element.

Some of the artist most popular tracks are: Déjà vu, Rendezvous, Mirage, Dom, Gather Me, Oxygen, My Night, No.1.

Listen songs on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2qDTd6w

+38 (063) 754 64 46 – Dasha
[email protected]

+38 (063) 597 29 73 – Rina
[email protected]

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